Colloquy Cymraeg

Pastor Jeff O' Neil who lives in Wales, is a regular contributor of Colloquy Cymraeg.  "Colloquy Cymraeg" means Welsh Conversation.  So every week Pastor Jeff would share his a short, practical reflection and learnings with us.  We may find many of them to be truly great food for thought and edifying for our Christian journey in helping "to set our affections on things above".

Photo taken on their Golden Wedding anniversary
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Sin Eater 
Welsh Passion 
A Good Name 
Freedom Under The Law 
Humility & The Call of Christ 
Call to Worship 
Music in My Soul 
The Book of Life 
Oh to Attempt Great Things for the Lord! 
Missing the Mark 
Gospel-Unity vs Legislated-Unity 
Books & Bibles, Literacy & Godliness 
The Wedding Supper to be Desired 
Life from the Dead 
Mystery of Godliness 
The Cultivation of Patience 
The Joy of Salvation 
Damaris & Lydia 
Tearless Departure 
Hand Foot & Mouth 
Coal Fire 
Revival and Declension 
Love for the Father 
Pilgrims to the Celestial City 
Truth Unchanging 
Time and Tide 
Life from the Dead 
The Voice of the Floods 
Despised and Rejected of Men 
What is Truth? 
Little Foxes 
A White World 
Gravel in the Foot 
The Walls of Zion 
The Gospel Ship 
Butterfly Flutter 
I Know My Sheep 
To Die is Gain 
Giving Yourself to the Moment 
One Lord, One Faith ... 
In Commemoration of the King-s Death 
Regeneration Redux 
The Way We Think 
Message from Heaven 
Hands, Feet, Eyes, Ears and Toes 
I Can Do All Things 
Make me a Captive 
Sparrows, Hairs & Transistors 
The Last Minute 
Whosoever Thirsts 
Time is Short 
If Only... 
He Increaseth Strength 
The Christian Marathon 
The Sin of Religion 
Sons of the Living God 
Failed Desires 
O for a good name! 
Bold Print! 
One Man with God 
The Way of Life 
The Bane of Misunderstandings 
True Revival 
Biblical Practical Sociology 
Courtesy - a Pleasure 
Last Words 
Prodigal Sons & Daughters 
Prodigal Sons & Daughters 
The Passion of Christ 
Will & Testament 
Man Overboard! 
Fire in the Bones 
Fruitless Branches 
Leopard Spots 
Ready to be Offered 
Crumbs & Gleanings 
The Heavenly Gates 
Hypocritical Zeal 
The Seed of the Church 
Danger of Wandering 
On Bended Knees 
The Rock of Ages 
Attitude, Aptitude & Altitude 
Is It a Lemon? 
We have a Problem! 
Sirs, We Would See Jesus 
Whiter than Snow! 
The Rise of Christianets 
He Said Unto Her, What wilt thou? 
He Who Has No Need of Google 
The Smoking Flax 
A Global Problem Far Greater Than Global Warming 
Knowledge Vs Wisdom 
The Last Enthusiast 
What Time & Tide Cannot Erode 
Petrol & Diesel 
The Everlasting Castle 
Best of the Browns 
Wicked Imaginations of Arrogant Dust 
On Eagle’s Wings 
The Fountain of Living Waters 
The Best Things Are Free! 
Chin Up, Look Up! 
God’s Sovereignty Vs Man’s Free Will 
The Bigger & Better Picture 
A Sabbath Without Corporate Worship 
Growing Old 
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