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Linus Chua January 4, 2004 Hearing and Keeping God’s Word 
Ps JJ Lim January 11, 2004 Bubbles 
Ps JJ Lim January 18, 2004 Blessed Are The Merciful 
Robert Murray McCheyne  January 25, 2004 Glorying In The Cross 
Ps JJ Lim February 1, 2004 Looking Back to the Table 
Ps JJ Lim February 8, 2004 The Blessing of Sleep 
Ps JJ Lim February 15, 2004 Wars, Earthquakes & Pestilences 
Ps JJ Lim February 22, 2004 Blessed Are The Pure in Heart 
C. H. Spurgeon February 29, 2004 A Call To Worship Part 1 of 2 
C. H. Spurgeon March 7, 2004 A Call To Worship Part 2 of 2 
Ps JJ Lim March 14, 2004 Casting Your Cares 
Ps JJ Lim March 21, 2004 Blessed Are The Peacemakers 
Thomas Watson March 28, 2004 Divine Chastisement 
Arthur W Pink April 4, 2004 Receiving Divine Chastisement 
Linus Chua April 11, 2004 An Exceeding Righteousness 
Ps JJ Lim April 18, 2004 Warning Signs of Backsliding 
Ps JJ Lim April 25, 2004 A to Z OF Church Membership 
Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr May 9, 2004 Preparing for Your Elders to Visit 
Ps JJ Lim May 16, 2004 Blessed Are The Persecuted 
Ps JJ Lim May 23, 2004 Walking the Tight Rope 
Jonathan Edwards May 30, 2004 Directions for Self-Examination 
Ps JJ Lim June 4, 2004 Reflections On Our Union With Christ and With One Another 
Ps JJ Lim June 13, 2004 Individualism Versus Corporatism 
A W Pink June 20, 2004 The Christian’s Armour 
Ps JJ Lim June 27, 2004 Inward Man Vs Outward Man 
Ps JJ Lim July 4, 2004 A Covenanted Pilgrim 
Thomas Watson July 11, 2004 The Nature of True Godliness 
Thomas Watson July 18, 2004 A Reproof to Pretenders of Godliness 
Ps Jeff O Neil  July 25, 2004 Seven Seals of A Godly Bethrothal 
Thomas Watson August 1, 2004 A Godly Man is a Man of Knowledge 
Thomas Watson August 8, 2004 A Godly Man is a Man Moved By Faith 
Ps Jeff O Neil August 15, 2004 Friendship 
Ps JJ Lim August 15, 2004 Wars, Earthquakes & Pestilences 
Thomas Watson August 22, 2004 A Godly Man is a Man Fired with Love to God 
Thomas Watson August 29, 2004 A Godly Man is Like God 
Thomas Watson September 5, 2004 A Godly Man is Very Exact and Careful about the Worship of God 
Thomas Watson September 12, 2004 A Godly Man is a Servant of God, Not a Servant of Men 
Thomas Watson September 19, 2004 A Godly Man Prizes Christ 
Ps JJ Lim September 26, 2004 Not This Man! 
Robert Murray McCheyne October 3, 2004 I am the way, the truth, and the life 
Thomas Watson October 10, 2004 A Godly Man is An Evangelical Weeper 
Thomas Watson October 17, 2004 A Godly Man is A Lover of the Word 
Thomas Watson October 24, 2004 A Godly Man Has the Spirit of God Residing In Him 
Ps JJ Lim October 31, 2004 Old Paths 
Thomas Watson November 7, 2004 A Godly Man is a Humble Man 
Thomas Watson November 14, 2004 A Godly Man is a Praying Man 
Thomas Watson November 21, 2004 A Godly Man is a Sincere Man 
Thomas Watson November 28, 2004 A Godly Man is a Heavenly Man 
Ps JJ Lim December 5, 2004 Come Ye To the Waters 
C H Spurgeon January 2, 2005 A Little Ahead; Or A Word For The New Year 
Thomas Watson January 9, 2005 A Godly Man is a Lover of the Saints 
Thomas Watson January 17, 2005 A Godly Man Does Not Indulge Himself In Any Sin 
Ps JJ Lim January 23, 2005 Duties of Parents to their Covenant Children 
Thomas Watson January 30, 2005 A Godly Man is Good In His Relationships 
Ps JJ Lim February 6, 2005 Communion of the Body and Blood of Christ 
Ps John Nelson  February 13, 2005 O Jerusalem! 
Thomas Watson February 20, 2005 A Godly Man Does Spiritual Things in a Spiritual Manner 
Richard Bennett February 27, 2005 The Purpose Driven Life: The Adulation of Man Part 1 
Richard Bennett March 6, 2005 The Purpose Driven Life: Demeaning the Very Nature of God Part 2 
Thomas Watson March 13, 2005 A Godly Man Is Thoroughly Trained in Religion 
Ps JJ Lim March 20, 2005 Pray In Jesus’ Name 
Thomas Watson March 27, 2005 A Godly Man Walks With God 
Ps JJ Lim April 3, 2005 My God my God Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? 
Thomas Watson April 10, 2005 A Godly Man Strives to be an Instrument for making others Godly 
Ps JJ Lim April 17, 2005 An Exhortation to Godliness 
Thomas Watson April 24, 2005 Prescribing Some Helps to Godliness 
Thomas Watson May 1, 2005 An Exhortation to Perservere in Godliness 
Thomas Watson May 8, 2005 Motives to Persevere Godliness 
Ps JJ Lim May 15, 2005 The Church’s Ministry of Benevolence to The Society 
Rev Charles Seet  May 22, 2005 Funeral Rites and the Christian 
Thomas Watson May 29, 2005 Counsel for the Godly 
Thomas Watson June 5, 2005 Comfort to the Godly 
Ps JJ Lim June 12, 2005 The Gospel Run 
Thomas Watson June 19, 2005 Mystical Union Between Christ & The Saints 
Ps JJ Lim June 26, 2005 How are we to Pray? 
Ps JJ Lim July 2, 2005 Our Eighth Year 
Ps JJ Lim July 3, 2005 The Sabbath Year 
Maurice J. Roberts July 10, 2005 Where No Vision is… 
Maurice J. Roberts July 17, 2005 Two Steps to Happiness 
Ps JJ Lim July 31, 2005 Looking Forward to the Lord’s Supper 
George Whitefield August 7, 2005 The Kingdom of God 
Ps Chris Coleborn  August 14, 2005 Remarriage of the Innocent Party After Divorce Part 1 of 4 
Ps Chris Coleborn  August 21, 2005 Remarriage of the Innocent Party After Divorce Part 2 of 4 
Ps Chris Coleborn  August 28, 2005 Remarriage of the Innocent Party After Divorce Part 3 of 4 
Pastor Chris Coleborn  September 4, 2005 Remarriage of the Innocent Party After Divorce Part 4 of 4 
Rev. Jonathan Edwards  September 11, 2005 True Saints, When Absent From The Body, Are Present With The Lord Part 1 of 3 
Rev. Jonathan Edwards September 18, 2005 True Saints, When Absent From The Body, Are Present With The Lord Part 2 of 3 
Rev. Jonathan Edwards  September 25, 2005 True Saints, When Absent From The Body, Are Present With The Lord Part 3 of 3 
Ps JJ Lim October 2, 2005 Who Shall Ascend into the Hill of the Lord? 
Ps JJ Lim October 9, 2005 Prayer of Jabez Part 1 of 4 
Ps JJ Lim October 16, 2005 Prayer of Jabez Part 2 of 4 
Ps JJ Lim October 23, 2005 Prayer of Jabez Part 3 of 4 
Ps JJ Lim November 6, 2005 Prayer of Jabez Part 4 of 4 
Archibald Alexander December 4, 2005 Returning to Our First Love Part 1 of 3 
Archibald Alexander December 6, 2005 Returning to Our First Love Part 2 of 3 
Ps Jeff O Neil December 13, 2005 Our Special Covering 
Archibald Alexander December 18, 2005 Returning to Our First Love Part 3 of 3 
G.I. Williamson December 25, 2005 Holy Days of Men and Holy Days of God 
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