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Ps JJ Lim December 26, 2010 Praise to Jehovah for Blessings Upon the Righteous 
Ps JJ Lim December 19, 2010 Praise to Jehovah for Redemption 
Ps JJ Lim December 12, 2010 The General Resurrection 
Ps JJ Lim December 5, 2010 Ye Shall Know That I Am The Lord 
Ps JJ Lim November 28, 2010 Great Is Thy Faithfulness 
Ps JJ Lim November 21, 2010 The New Covenant 
Ps JJ Lim November 14, 2010 The Promised Messiah 
Ps JJ Lim November 7, 2010 I Am In A Strait Betwixt Two 
Ps JJ Lim October 31, 2010 The Glory of Messiah Our Priestly King 
Ps JJ Lim October 24, 2010 Messiah's Prayer Against Judas & Judas-like Men 
Ps JJ Lim October 17, 2010 Messiah's Melodious Shout of Confidence on Behalf of His People 
Ps JJ Lim October 10, 2010 The Thanksgiving of the Redeemed 
Ps JJ Lim October 3, 2010 The Contrite & Grateful Praise & Plea of Israel 
Ps JJ Lim September 26, 2010 Borders with Gold and Studs of Silver 
Ps JJ Lim September 19, 2010 Cast Thy Bread Upon The Waters 
Ps JJ Lim September 12, 2010 The Path of the Just 
Ps JJ Lim September 5, 2010 This Do In Remembrance of Me 
Ps JJ Lim August 22, 2010 The Promise of Refinement 
Ps JJ Lim August 15, 2010 An Instructive Trip Down Under 
Ps JJ Lim August 8, 2010 The Glory of the Lord Displayed in His Covenant Dealings with Israel 
Ps JJ Lim August 1, 2010 The Glory of the Lord Displayed in Creation 
Ps JJ Lim July 25, 2010 A Song for the Redeemed to Praise the Lord 
Ps JJ Lim July 18, 2010 Messiah's Complaint & Comfort In the Days of His Humiliation 
Ps JJ Lim July 11, 2010 Yet the Dogs Eat of the Crumbs 
Ps JJ Lim July 4, 2010 The Comfort & Hope of Zion 
Ps JJ Lim June 27, 2010 The Righteous One's Resolve to Build a Holy House 
Ps JJ Lim June 20, 2010 The Promise of Enlargement & Deliverance 
Ps JJ Lim June 13, 2010 The Promise of Prosperity 
Ps JJ Lim June 6, 2010 The Good Hand of Our God 
Ps JJ Lim May 30, 2010 Turn & Ye Shall Return 
Ps JJ Lim May 23, 2010 Seek Him & Ye Shall Find Him 
Ps JJ Lim May 16, 2010 The Joyous Thanksgiving of Messiah & His People 
Ps JJ Lim May 9, 2010 The Messiah's Reign in Holiness 
Ps JJ Lim May 2, 2010 Look Upon Me, O Lord! 
Ps JJ Lim April 25, 2010 The Advance & Consummation of the Kingdom of Christ 
Ps JJ Lim April 18, 2010 The Glorious Reign Of Christ Over The Earth & The Church 
Ps JJ Lim April 11, 2010 A Heart-Warming Visit To The Saints In Mindanao 
Ps JJ Lim April 4, 2010 The Present Reign & Future Triumph Of Christ 
Ps JJ Lim March 28, 2010 The Lord’s Covenantal Compassion 
Ps JJ Lim March 21, 2010 The Seven Thousand 
Ps JJ Lim March 14, 2010 The Son Of David 
Ps JJ Lim March 7, 2010 They Shall Look Upon Me 
Ps JJ Lim February 28, 2010 The Lord’s Covenant Faithfulness 
Ps JJ Lim February 21, 2010 The Lord Our Recompense 
Ps JJ Lim February 14, 2010 The Shepherd & His Flock’s Call 
Ps JJ Lim February 7, 2010 The Righteous One’s Cry For Vengeance 
Ps JJ Lim January 31, 2010 Messiah, Ruler Of The Waves 
Ps JJ Lim January 24, 2010 The Righteous One’s Sabbath Song 
Ps JJ Lim January 17, 2010 The Righteous One’s Enjoyment Of God's Protection & Blessing 
Ps JJ Lim January 10, 2010 The Saint’s Reflection On The Shortness Of Life 
Ps JJ Lim January 3, 2010 That Rock Was Christ! 
Ps JJ Lim December 27, 2009 Preparing For Communion 
Ps JJ Lim December 20, 2009 Nevertheless, The Lord 
Ps JJ Lim December 13, 2009 I Will Be With Thee 
Ps JJ Lim December 6, 2009 The Prophet Par Excellence 
Ps JJ Lim November 29, 2009 The Promise Of Promises 
Ps JJ Lim November 22, 2009 The Blessing Of Atonement 
Ps JJ Lim November 15, 2009 The Blessing Of Obedience 
Ps JJ Lim November 8, 2009 John Calvin’s Doctrine Of Predestination 
Ps JJ Lim November 1, 2009 What is man,That thou art mindful of Him? 
Ps JJ Lim October 25, 2009 The First Promise 
Ps JJ Lim October 18, 2009 God’s Great & Precious Promises 
Ps JJ Lim October 11, 2009 God’s Faithful Covenant 
Ps JJ Lim October 4, 2009 The Lamentations Of The Man Of Sorrow 
Ps JJ Lim September 27, 2009 The Lord’s Delight In Zion 
Ps JJ Lim September 20, 2009 The Righteous One Resting On The Compassionate Heavenly Father 
Ps JJ Lim September 13, 2009 The Church’s Sending & Receiving The Dove Of Peace 
Ps JJ Lim September 6, 2009 Behold, What Manner Of Love! 
Ps JJ Lim August 30, 2009 The Anointed Ones’ Longing For The Tabernacles Of God 
Ps JJ Lim August 23, 2009 The Hidden Ones’ Plea Against & On Behalf Of Their Enemies 
Linus Chua August 16, 2009 Love Thy Enemies 
Ps JJ Lim August 9, 2009 Our Covenant Of Church Membership 
Linus Chua August 2, 2009 Retaliate Not 
Linus Chua July 26, 2009 The ‘Frivolising’ Of Oaths 
Linus Chua July 19, 2009 The Conudrum Of Divorcement 
Ps JJ Lim July 12, 2009 A Privileged Nation 
Ps JJ Lim July 5, 2009 Reflections For Our Tenth Anniversary 
Ps JJ Lim June 28, 2009 The Alma Mater 
Linus Chua June 21, 2009 Adultery Of The Heart 
Linus Chua June 14, 2009 Are You A Murderer? 
Linus Chua June 7, 2009 An Exceeding Righteousness 
Linus Chua May 31, 2009 Christians And The Law 
Linus Chua May 24, 2009 Christ And The Law 
Ps JJ Lim May 17, 2009 The Solemn Charge Of The Judge Of Judges 
Ps JJ Lim May 10, 2009 Messiah’s ‘O My People!’ 
Ps JJ Lim May 3, 2009 Fallen Angels 
Ps JJ Lim April 26, 2009 The Church Of Christ’s ‘Visit This Vine’ 
Ps JJ Lim April 19, 2009 The Cry Of Widowed Zion To The Righteous Judge 
Ps JJ Lim April 12, 2009 Messiah’s Instruction To Be Faithful To Our Covenant God 
Ps JJ Lim April 5, 2009 The Righteous One Finding Strength Through Remembrance 
Ps JJ Lim March 29, 2009 The Sovereignty Of God Displayed In Judgement 
Ps JJ Lim March 22, 2009 Messiah’s Rejoinder To The Saints’ Maranatha 
Ps JJ Lim March 15, 2009 The Saints’ Lamentation & Plea On Behalf Of The Church 
Ps JJ Lim March 8, 2009 The Saint’s Anguish & The Lord’s Answer 
Ps JJ Lim March 1, 2009 The Ark Christ 
Ps JJ Lim February 22, 2009 The Glorious Reign Of Messiah The King 
Ps JJ Lim February 15, 2009 The Righteous One’s Confident Hope To The End 
Ps JJ Lim February 8, 2009 The Righteous One’s Petitions In His Darkest Hours 
Ps JJ Lim February 1, 2009 Messiah’s Crucifixion, A Savour Of Life & Death 
Ps JJ Lim January 25, 2009 The Conquest & Ascension of the King of King’s 
Ps JJ Lim January 18, 2009 The Saints’ “Glorify Thy Name” 
Ps JJ Lim January 11, 2009 The Righteous One’s Praise for Answered Prayer 
Ps JJ Lim January 4, 2009 Thoughts And Reflecting On The New Year 
Ps JJ Lim December 28, 2008 The Dimensions of Christ’s Love 
Ps JJ Lim December 21, 2008 Christ’s Love to Poor Sinners 
Ps JJ Lim December 14, 2008 Directions Concerning Immoderate Joy for Worldly Comforts 
Ps JJ Lim December 7, 2008 What God Is to Families 
Ps JJ Lim November 30, 2008 On My Back 
Ps JJ Lim November 23, 2008 Book Report of Keith Mathison’s The Shape of Sola Scriptura 
Ps JJ Lim November 16, 2008 A Brief Account And Evaluation Of The Early Reformation In Switzerland (Part 2) 
Ps JJ Lim November 9, 2008 A Brief Account And Evaluation Of The Early Reformation In Switzerland (Part 1) 
Ps JJ Lim November 2, 2008 How To Know If You Are A Real Christian (Part 3) 
Ps JJ Lim October 26, 2008 How To Know If You Are A Real Christian (Part 2) 
Ps JJ Lim October 19, 2008 How to Know if You are a Real Christian (Part 1) 
Ps JJ Lim October 12, 2008 Zion’s Joyful Praise for the Prayer-Hearing & Benevolent God 
Ps JJ Lim October 5, 2008 The Righteous One’s Assurance as Arrows Fly 
Ps JJ Lim September 21, 2008 The Righteous One’s Refreshment in the Wilderness 
Ps JJ Lim September 14, 2008 The Righteous One upon the Rock, Unmoved by the Blasts 
Ps JJ Lim September 7, 2008 The Righteous One’s Confidence & Hope in the Storm 
Ps JJ Lim August 31, 2008 The Righteous One’s Prayer for Victory for His People 
Ps JJ Lim August 24, 2008 The Righteous One’s Appeal Against Apostate Israel 
Ps JJ Lim August 17, 2008 What Shall We Do? 
Ps JJ Lim August 10, 2008 The Righteous One’s Warning Against the Wicked 
Ps JJ Lim August 3, 2008 The Constraining Love of Christ 
Ps JJ Lim July 27, 2008 The Righteous One Rejoicing in the Midst of Lions, Spears, Nets & Pits 
Ps JJ Lim July 20, 2008 The Righteous One’s Rest upon the Word of God 
Ps JJ Lim July 13, 2008 The Righteous One’s Response to a Sense of Treachery 
Ps JJ Lim July 6, 2008 Where are the Nine? 
Ps JJ Lim June 29, 2008 The Righteous One’s Response to a Sense of Betrayal 
Ps JJ Lim June 22, 2008 The Righteous One’s Answer to Atheism 
Ps JJ Lim June 15, 2008 The Righteous One’s Hope in A Sea of Malicious Tongues 
Ps JJ Lim June 8, 2008 The Saint’s Prayer of Confession 
Ps JJ Lim June 1, 2008 The Lord’s Case Against His People 
Ps JJ Lim May 25, 2008 Watch! 
Ps JJ Lim May 18, 2008 The Righteous One’s Encouragement When Bullied 
Ps JJ Lim May 11, 2008 The Glory of the Church of Christ 
Ps JJ Lim May 4, 2008 The Glorious Sun Behind the Storm Clouds 
Ps JJ Lim April 27, 2008 A Mighty Fortress in the Storm 
Ps JJ Lim April 20, 2008 The Wedding Song for Christ & His Church 
Ps JJ Lim April 13, 2008 The Cry of the Slaughtered Sheep to their Shepherd 
Ps JJ Lim April 6, 2008 The Righteous One Anticipating the Father’s Heavenly Smile 
Ps JJ Lim March 30, 2008 The Righteous One in His Weariness, Looking Up 
Ps JJ Lim March 23, 2008 A Defense of Reformed Orthodoxy against the Romanizing Doctrines of the New Auburn Theology (5/5) 
Ps JJ Lim March 16, 2008 A Defense of Reformed Orthodoxy Against the Romanizing Doctrines of the New Auburn Theology (4/5) 
Ps JJ Lim March 9, 2008 A Defense of Reformed Orthodoxy against the Romanizing Doctrines of the New Auburn Theology (3/5) 
Ps JJ Lim March 2, 2008 A Defense of Reformed Orthodoxy Against the Romanizing Doctrines of the New Auburn Theology (2/5) 
Ps JJ Lim February 24, 2008 A Defense of Reformed Orthodoxy Against the Romanizing Doctrines of the New Auburn Theology (1/5) 
Ps JJ Lim February 17, 2008 The Truth 
Ps JJ Lim February 10, 2008 The Way 
Ps JJ Lim February 3, 2008 The Life 
Ps JJ Lim January 27, 2008 The Resurrection 
Ps JJ Lim January 20, 2008 No Heart for Special Children 
Ps JJ Lim January 13, 2008 The Good Shepherd 
Ps JJ Lim January 6, 2008 Door of the Sheep 
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