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Dr A W Pink January 8, 2006 Headship Part 1 
Dr A W Pink January 15, 2006 Headship Part 2 
Ps Jeff O'Neil January 22, 2006 The End of Computers 
Ps JJ Lim January 29, 2006 A Memorable Camping Experience 
Ps JJ Lim February 5, 2006 A Plea 
Ps JJ Lim February 12, 2006 Your Reasonable Service 
Ps JJ Lim February 19, 2006 Be Not Conformed to This World 
Ps JJ Lim February 26, 2006 Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind 
Ps JJ Lim March 12, 2006 Pure Religion 
Ps Jeff O Neil March 19, 2006 The Unity of the Spirit 
Ps JJ Lim March 26, 2006 Salvation of the Jews Part 1 
Ps Chris Coleborn April 2, 2006 Salvation of the Jews Part 2 
Ps JJ Lim April 9, 2006 Word of Christ Part 1 
Ps JJ Lim April 16, 2006 Word of Christ Part 2 
Ps JJ Lim April 23, 2006 Christ our Shepherd 
Ps JJ Lim April 30, 2006 Christ our Provider 
Ps JJ Lim May 7, 2006 Christ our Peacemaker 
Ps JJ Lim May 14, 2006 Christ our Preserver 
Ps JJ Lim May 21, 2006 Christ our Physician 
Ps JJ Lim June 4, 2006 Christ our Protector 
Ps JJ Lim June 8, 2006 Christ our Prince 
Ps JJ Lim June 11, 2006 Christ our Prince 
Ps JJ Lim June 18, 2006 Christ our Patron 
JJ Lim June 20, 2006 Breastplate of Righteousness 
Ps JJ Lim June 25, 2006 Stand & Withstand Part 1 
Ps JJ Lim July 2, 2006 Our Eighth Year 
Ps JJ Lim July 9, 2006 Stand & Withstand 
Ps JJ Lim July 16, 2006 Belt of Truth 
Ps JJ Lim July 23, 2006 Breastplate of Righteousness 
Ps JJ Lim July 30, 2006 Shoes of the Readiness of the Gospel 
Ps JJ Lim August 13, 2006 Helmet of Salvation 
Ps JJ Lim August 20, 2006 Sword of the Spirit 
Ps JJ Lim August 27, 2006 Praying Always 
Ps JJ Lim September 3, 2006 The War of Ages 
Ps Chris Coleborn September 10, 2006 The Declaration of the War 
Rev Chris Coleboen September 17, 2006 The Progress of the War 
Ps Chris Coleborn September 24, 2006 The End of the War 
Ps Chris Coleborn October 1, 2006 The Healing Of Man 
Ps Chris Coleborn October 8, 2006 The Healing of Creation 
Ps JJ Lim October 15, 2006 Fight the Good Fight 
Ps JJ Lim October 22, 2006 Right Now Counts Forever 
Ps JJ Lim October 29, 2006 Creeds & Confessions 
Ps JJ Lim November 5, 2006 The Power of Forgiveness 
Ps JJ Lim November 12, 2006 The Blessed Path of the Righteous 
Ps JJ Lim November 19, 2006 Kiss the Son 
Ps JJ Lim November 26, 2006 The Lifter Up of Mine Head 
Ps JJ Lim December 3, 2006 The Righteous One’s Contentment
In Perplexity 
Ps JJ Lim December 10, 2006 The Righteous One’s Morning Meditations 
Ps JJ Lim December 17, 2006 The Righteous One’s Cry For Mercy & Deliverance 
Ps JJ Lim December 24, 2006 The Righteous One’s Response to Slander 
Ps JJ Lim January 14, 2007 The Righteous One’s Plea
for the Godly 
Ps JJ Lim January 21, 2007 The Righteous One’s Confidence in God’s Word Versus Man’s Word 
Ps JJ Lim January 28, 2007 The Righteous One’s Confidence in God’s Word Versus Man’s Word 
Ps JJ Lim February 4, 2007 The Righteous One’s "LORD, How Long?" 
Ps JJ Lim February 11, 2007 The Righteous One’s Censure of Atheists 
Ps JJ Lim February 18, 2007 The Righteous One’s Personal Character 
Ps JJ Lim February 25, 2007 The Righteous One’s Satisfaction with His LoT 
Ps JJ Lim March 4, 2007 The Righteous One’s DisSatisfaction with The Present World 
Ps JJ Lim March 11, 2007 The Righteous One’s Thanksgiving for Deliverance 
Ps JJ Lim March 18, 2007 The Righteous One’s Twin-Books of Nature & Law 
Ps JJ Lim March 25, 2007 The Righteous One’s Send-OFF SONG 
Ps JJ Lim April 1, 2007 The Righteous One’s Song of Triumph 
Ps JJ Lim April 8, 2007 The Righteous One’s Song of the Cross or Messiah Bearing the Cross & Wearing the Crown 
Ps JJ Lim April 15, 2007 The Sheep’s Psalm 
Ps JJ Lim April 22, 2007 The Righteous One’s Ascension 
Ps JJ Lim April 29, 2007 The Righteous One’s Confidence in the Lord’s Mercy 
Ps JJ Lim May 6, 2007 The Righteous One’s Resolution to be Pure 
Ps JJ Lim May 15, 2007 Standing on the Rock & Looking to the Light on a Day of Darkness 
Ps JJ Lim May 20, 2007 The Righteous One’s Cry Against Temptation 
Ps JJ Lim May 27, 2007 The Righteous One’s Adoration in the Day of Storm 
Ps JJ Lim June 3, 2007 The Righteous One’s
Song of Dedication 
Ps JJ Lim June 10, 2007 The Righteous One’s Song of Repose in the Father 
Ps JJ Lim June 17, 2007 The Righteous One’s Blessedness in the Way of Forgiveness 
Ps JJ Lim June 24, 2007 The Righteous One’s Adoration of the Lord 
Ps JJ Lim July 1, 2007 That Ye Be Likeminded 
Ps JJ Lim July 8, 2007 The Righteous One’s Affectionate Cry under the Cross 
Ps Jeff O Neil July 15, 2007 The Sun 
Ps JJ Lim July 22, 2007 The Righteous One’s Exasperation under the Cross 
Ps JJ Lim July 29, 2007 The Righteous One Looking up to the God of Grace
from a World of Darkness 
Ps JJ Lim August 5, 2007 The Righteous One’s ABC’s of Discernment between the Godly & the Wicked 
Ps Jeff O Neil August 12, 2007 Nehushtan! 
Ps JJ Lim August 19, 2007 The Righteous One’s Abhorence of the Leprosy of Sin 
Ps JJ Lim August 26, 2007 The Righteous One’s Funeral Psalm 
Ps JJ Lim September 2, 2007 The Righteous One’s Psalm of Personal Sacrifice 
Ps Jeff O'Neil September 9, 2007 Spiritual Discernment 
Ps JJ Lim September 16, 2007 The Righteous One’s Meekness Under Betrayal 
Ps JJ Lim September 23, 2007 Seed of the Woman 
Ps JJ Lim September 30, 2007 Preparing for the Lord’s Table 
Ps JJ Lim October 7, 2007 Seed of Abraham 
Ps JJ Lim October 14, 2007 Lion of Judah 
Ps JJ Lim October 21, 2007 Shiloh 
Mr Linus Chua October 28, 2007 Reformation & Education 
Ps JJ Lim November 4, 2007 Wonderful 
Ps JJ Lim November 11, 2007 Counsellor 
Ps JJ Lim November 18, 2007 The Mighty God 
Ps JJ Lim November 25, 2007 The Everlasting Father 
Ps JJ Lim December 2, 2007 The Lamb of God 
Ps JJ Lim December 9, 2007 The Prince of Peace 
Ps JJ Lim December 16, 2007 Bread of Life 
Ps JJ Lim December 23, 2007 Light of the World 
Ps JJ Lim December 31, 2007 Biblical Resolution for All Times, not just the New Year 
Showing 101 items